In October 2016, after months of volunteering in the New York State Courts Access to Justice program, I removed years of musings on this sit. Yep, I wiped hundreds of blog posts, pages, and photographs – to spread the word about programs that provide help to those in need of criminal and civil justice.

About this site
Innovation in technology is improving access to justice, but the goal here is to help spread the word about programs that already exist which provide information and access to legal help to those who need it and can’t afford it. For now I’m focusing on New York City, my home.

About me
Grateful for the journey in the legal profession from library director at Anderson Kill law firm to content director at Rocket Matter, a legal technology startup, to chief marketing officer at Good2bSocial, a legal marketing agency.

Writing chops include: Editor of the Legal Productivity blog, and Contributing author to Lawyerist and Attorney at Work.

I’m a total podcast geek. Favorites include Freakanomics, The Ezra Klien Show, Bregman Leadership Podcast, How I Built This, Traction: How Startups Start, The Hidden Brain, and more than a few more. Built a director of legal podcasts: Legal Podcaster (work in progress).

You can reach me on Twitter or email: lex [at] timbaran.com.