How to Update Your LinkedIn Profile Without Notifying Everyone

update linkedin profile

Have you ever hesitated to update your LinkedIn profile because you didn’t want your connections to be spammed with emails about the changes? Yeah, me too. Thankfully, there’s an easy fix. Hover the cursor over your profile pic on the far right of the top menu bar. Choose “Privacy & Settings.” You will be promoted […]

2 Ways to Block Facebook Games

block facebook games

We waste spend enough time on Facebook. If you’re like me and don’t want to spend even more time on there playing silly games, there are a couple of ways to avoid them: stop annoying notifications, or block the app. Stop Notifications Turn off game invite notifications by clicking on round icon in menu bar, […]

To Hide Facebook Posts, You Don’t Have to Unfriend. Just Unfollow.


Remember when you had the option to limit or hide annoying posts from Facebook friends without unfriending them? Well, Facebook, which does what Facebook wants, has removed the “Show All,” “Show Most,” and “Show Only Important,” options and replaced it with “Unfollow” or “Follow.” Now, when you hover over a friend’s name in your feed […]

Simple Social Goals for 2014


In recent years, I’ve limited my goals for the new year to two broad ones: practical, like finances or career; and personal, which are usually simple social goals like creating community and building relationships. The latter is, by far, more purposeful and meaningful. Last year, my simple social goals were: Text those you Facebook, Call those you text, […]

Gift Shopping: Shun Big-Box Stores


The week before Thanksgiving, I put out the following Facebook post: “I plan on doing most of my holiday shopping from entrepreneur and artist friends and avoid big-box stores. Who’s with me? I’m compiling a list so please add your recommendations.” I received a host of suggestions and decided to do most of my shopping […]

Remember to Look Up


Look up. Literally. Look up to the skies. Look up and escape the squalor and noise around you and find wonder and encouragement, comfort and inspiration, melancholy and joy. I look up at night and find inspiration, like I did during the walk home tonight. I looked up and found a colorful burst of lights […]