Fordham Law Launches Access to Justice Initiative

The lives of families, the integrity of communities, and ultimately the nation’s rule of law are undermined by “the justice gap”— created by the complexity of our judicial systems, the insufficient number of free civil legal aid attorneys, the lack of support for indigent defense programs and the imbalance in power and resources that increasingly defines our society.

After laying out the justice gap problem above, Fordham Law introduced a new initiative to close that gap with three levels of engagement:

Teaching – by offering courses such as Poverty Law, Consumer Protection Law, Disability Law, Environmental Justice, Race and Law, Immigration Law, Juvenile Justice, and International Human Rights.

Direct Service – Curricular and extracurricular activities that provide direct services to people in need.

Scholarships, advocacy, and research – Policy reform initiatives that are dedicated to assuring access to civil and criminal justice systems.

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