How to Update Your LinkedIn Profile Without Notifying Everyone

Have you ever hesitated to update your LinkedIn profile because you didn’t want your connections to be spammed with emails about the changes? Yeah, me too. Thankfully, there’s an easy fix.

  • Hover the cursor over your profile pic on the far right of the top menu bar.
  • Choose “Privacy & Settings.” You will be promoted to sign in again.
  • Under “Privacy Controls,” click on “Turn on/off your activity broadcasts.”
  • Deselect “Let people know when you change your profile, make recommendations, or follow companies.”

update linkedin profile

Remember to turn on notifications again when you’re done updating your profile.

Or not.


  1. Nice tip.

  2. Thanks!

  3. Does this also disable notifications to “congratulate” people on their new jobs? I’ve heard of annoying stories where someone edits some small part of their job description or adds a board appointment and the world is called to attention about a “new job”.

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