Remember to Look Up


Look up. Literally. Look up to the skies. Look up and escape the squalor and noise around you and find wonder and encouragement, comfort and inspiration, melancholy and joy.

I look up at night and find inspiration, like I did during the walk home tonight. I looked up and found a colorful burst of lights atop the Empire State Building that disappeared into an overcast sky, honoring the great Nelson Mandela. (Accompanying image.)

I look up to the heavens when anguished and talk to my mom, whose petite shoulders my brothers and I leaned on as kids, and I’m always comforted. Always.

I look up and feel raindrops on my face, or a splash of sunlight, or the soft coolness of a snowflake, and wonder at the beauty of it all.

Sometimes I look up and find endless deep blue skies that lift my soul or overcast skies that bring melancholy longings.

I look up and see a meadow of clouds or the romantic glow of a dipping sunset and ponder boundless possibilities.

Even when I’m happy I look up into a starry sky or midday sun and somehow the joy seems shared.

We ordinarily look down or straight ahead, navigating sidewalks and roads, shopping, talking, or hustling to the next appointment. Increasingly, we’re also staring at mobile screens. We forget that by looking up, even for a moment, we get to escape it all and find beauty and comfort and joy and wonder.

Remember to look up.


  1. Great reminder :-)

  2. Beautiful picture and I like your post.

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